Weslaco, TX

Weslaco, TX

Weslaco, located in southern Texas near the Rio Grande, became a focal point for trade between U.S. and Mexico. Each year, this area receives many visitors, both from the United States and nearby Mexico, which has helped contribute to retails sales in Weslaco. Some of these retail stores include candy stores, including Peeks Snacks and Candies, Dulceria Elian, and more.

Rely on our family dentist!

Who doesn’t love candy? Even though Weslaco offers a variety of candy stores and bakeries, it is important to limit the amount of sweets you eat for your dental and physical health. The team at Smile & Shine, serving the Weslaco, TX area, help residents maintain proper oral hygiene and health. 

Through regular dental exams, our family will help you maintain the healthy smile that you want and deserve. Our team helps you feel comfortable while getting any dental work in our office and we offer sedation services for those who are anxious about having work completed. 

If you are looking for a friendly dentist in the Weslaco, TX area, contact our office today!

Bring your kids in to see our children's dentist!

Even though your child’s “baby teeth” will fall out, it is important to maintain optimal oral health, as this will lead into their adult years. Even though brushing is very important, the reason kids get cavities goes beyond that. Tooth decay is a disease that is caused by specific germs and is present in almost 4 million preschoolers. Children these days have much more sugar in their diet, helping the germs causing tooth decay to feed on the sugar and producing acid that will eat away and deplete calcium in teeth. These bacteria also create plaque and will further erode the enamel of the teeth, leaving them prone to cavities. 

If your child is at the age where dental visits are recommended, contact our children’s dentist today!
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